Traveling Zenaida

I am from northern Mexico, a place so beautiful that the whales and other marine life have chosen as a sanctuary. Maybe my passion for travel came from seeing these beautiful animals migrate every year. They kept me wondering what was beyond my childhood beaches and how they would always make their way back.

Following their example, I’ve migrated to other cities, other countries, other worlds and always felt comfortable in all my homes. There is something that makes me fall in love with every corner I’ve lived in, and just like the whales, I keep going back to the special spots.

I don’t have time limits or particular missions. I just move because that is what makes me feel alive. There is no sorrow or drama and luckily nothing to escape from. I migrate with joy and expectation, excited about what will come next.

For a while now, my compass has been broken and somehow I still find my way. I don’t have a main port or a favorite station. In my backpack there is not place for superficiality. Also, I don’t forget to bring myself along with my challenges, dreams, emotions and some fears to defeat.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the the similarities you draw between you and the whales, always migrating 🙂 Beautiful portrait photography too 🙂 your blog has a very nice, positive energy about it. It feels refreshingly optimistic! Thanks!

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